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Wireless SLA

SLA Agreement

Your Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be integrated into your contract. It may, however, differ somewhat from these terms.

Telos Technical Support

Telos Online believes that customer support is an integral part of building customer relations. For this reason, Telos monitors its service up to the Customer Demarcation point around the clock. Telos Online Technical Support staff is available to address all issues twenty-four hours per day.

Telos Online Professional Installation

    Telos standard installation includes the following:
  • Radios and antenna
  • Non-penetrating roof antenna mount
  • Standard weather-sealed cable (up to 250 feet) run from the antenna to the Customer Demarcation
  • Service turn-up
  • Testing

Equipment Access

Telos online must have access to the Customer’s site in order to install, repair, and/or remove the Telos Online equipment. The Customer agrees to allow such access to Telos employees and its sub-contractors. Should it become necessary, the Customer agrees to obtain, from the landlord, proper authorization.

Telos Online retains ownership of all equipment which it supplies during installation to the Customer. Should there be a discontinuation of the contract, for any reason, Telos Online is authorized to remove any or all of said equipment after having given a ten day advanced notice. Said removal must be done in a professional manner. The Customer Demarcation will be defined as the point where Customer connects their equipment to the Telos Online equipment. The location of this point is typically in the customer equipment room.

Top-Notch Performance Guarantee

Telos Online stands behind its network with a guarantee. Should the network fail to perform, as stated below, the Customer will receive a credit. There are three important factors of the Service Level Agreement:

  • Service Availability
    Telos Online guarantees 99.99% network availability (annualized method)
  • Network Latency
    - Under seventy-five milliseconds round-trip delay on Telos Online Backbone.
    - Under fifty milliseconds round-trip delay on Telos Online last mile.
  • Packet Loss
    Telos guarantees less than one percent packet loss on Telos Online Backbone.

Credit Due for Loss of Connectivity

Should a significant loss of connectivity occur, Telos Online promises to rectify the problem in two ways:

  • Repair of service.
  • Credit to recover the down-time lost to Customer during an Open Ticket:
    a. Over two hours – 5% of monthly billed site revenue.
    b. Over four hours – 10% of monthly billed site revenue.
    c. Over six hours – 15% of monthly billed site revenue.

Any additional four-hour period shall receive a subsequent 5% credit, the total of which is not to exceed 100% of the total monthly bill for that Customer location. The length of lost connectivity to the Internet is to be determined by records kept by the Telos Online Network Operations Center (NOC) and will be based on measurements up to the Customer Demarcation.

Telos Online will not be held liable and will subsequently issue no credits due to any causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to war, electrical storms, acts of God, hurricanes, and if required, the inability to access Telos equipment which is located on the Customer’s site. All monies owed to Telos, which are not in dispute, must be paid in full before a credit is applied.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Request any credits within thirty days of connectivity interruption.
  • Utilize a UPS to provide adequate surge protection for the router and other equipment belonging to Telos Online at the Customer Demarcation.

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