Frequently Asked Questions 

Getting Started



What do I do to get started and understand the control panel?



Web Site Publishing


How do I set up a standard POP e-mail account?

What is FTP?


For Eudora Mail

Where do I find the information to FTP?

For Netscape Mail

Is there a tool to send files to my web folder?

For Outlook Express

How do I publish with FrontPage?

For Outlook

How do I publish with other HTML editors?

How do I access my e-mail through Web Mail?
What does "POP" e-mail mean?

Can I publish with WebShell or File Manager?

What is a catch-all e-mail account?

What is WebShell/File Manager?

How do I set up an catch-all e-mail?


How do I change my e-mail password?
What is an e-mail alias?

Other Tools

How do I create an e-mail alias?


How do I create and e-mail alias with the Xpressia view?






How do I see my site statistics and traffic?

How do I set up a store?

How do I pay a bill?

How do I manage my store?

How do I change the control panel look?
How do I set up a mailing list?

What are the differences with Miva Merchant and osCommerce?