T3 Connection

A T3 connection, also known as a DS3 connection, is a large broadband connection used mainly in a business application. A full T3 connection is rated at 45 mbps and typically can serve up enough bandwidth to satisfy several users at once.

There are several solutions that a T3, or DS3, can provide. The most common is severing up bandwidth for users on a large scale, but this type of connection can also be used for a variety of specialty bandwidth needs such as local network hosting and data center solutions.

Denver T3 Connection

With the variety of uses for a T3 connection are a variety of Denver T3 providers that serve this type of bandwidth. While wired Denver DS3 connections are the the most common, Telos Online offers a fixed wireless T3 bandwidth solution.

With a fixed wireless T3 solution from Telos Online there are several advantages over other types of installations. Fast installation, price, and reliability are true differences in a T3 connection from Telos Online.

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Some advantages of Telos Onlineís service:

  • ReliabilityWe guarantee our microwave technology to deliver our service with a leading Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • RedundancyWe provide redundancy in our wireless broadband service, it comes from a ring in the sky and not open to typical failures in wired connections.
  • PriceSimply put we offer higher throughput for less money than our competition. We save you the cost of local loop charge from the phone company because it isnít needed in this type of service.
  • Quick InstallationWe can generally install in two weeks to your business location up to 30 miles away.

Telos Online T3 and Wireless Broadband Services

  • Fractional T1Data only business internet service providing symmetrical connectivity up to 1.0 mbps with one or more IP addresses.
  • Full T1Data only business internet service providing symmetrical connectivity at 1.5 mbps with one or more static IP addresses.
  • Multiple T1Data only service at 3 to 5 mbps with one or more static IP addresses.
  • 10 - 20 mbpsData only service providing 10 - 20 mbps of symmetrical connectivity.
  • DS3 or T3Data only service providing 45 mbps of symmetrical connectivity.

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