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Search Engine Optimization Services

Full SEO marketing services are large in their scope and sometimes difficult to explain. Essentially most people want to rank in the top spot, or spots, for a variety of related terms. SEO services however should not stop there. Why do you want that top spot – sell products, brand, or attain leads? “To get more traffic” is not a reasonable answer by itself for wanting a top spot, SEO professionals should strive for qualified converting traffic and consult with clients on seo impacts, what to expect, and how other variables effect seo or magnify the return.

The Truth

Not all SEO companies and services are created equal. If you are looking for true Search Engine Optimization and someone tells you that they can acquire top rankings in competitive terms in a short period of time, do not waste your time or money any further. It is very difficult to obtain qualified top rankings in the top search engines, and STAY there, in a short period of time. Typically companies that do this are using some sort of cloaking, ppc, lead in network, or black hat type of tactics that will only cost you more in the long run.

So What Is SEO?

Several years ago SEO might have meant just optimizing a few pages, changing a few html meta tags, and spamming a few submit pages. Today however SEO and online marketing services consist of several practices that will get you qualified long term results through top rankings with the big three search engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN. These results should come from natural rankings in the search engines that lead directly to your site.

Some of these practices include the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Site wide optimization
  • Link building
  • Site marketing optimization
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Creative direction and consulting

Each of these are full specialties and topics on their own, but bringing them all together is key for a strong online marketing effort. In addition to these, understanding other web related technologies and access to resources can provide a vital role to the overall success.

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization may take time to produce quality long term results, but they also provide the highest return potential of any marketing you do.

Quality search engine marketing should provide the following:

  • Long term top rankings
  • Qualified traffic for maximum return
  • Low cost for high returns
  • Expanded depth into search engines
  • Site awareness
  • “Roots” in the search engines
  • Feedback and site direction

SEO Trust – a two way street

Providing the right mix of services is the key to any SEO project. That is why it is very important for an SEO company to understand the person and/or company they are working with and the needs of the site they are marketing. A great deal of effort should go into understanding the business and industry and how the web site fits within the organization. A huge amount of trust also is put forth to the SEO company to provide key results for the long term.

Much More than just SEO

While looking for search engine marketing solutions, you may come to find that many companies offer SEO services and speak the same language or promise the same results (or even better). Just understand that SEO marketing services are much more than just a few quick changes and pressing a magic “top rankings” button. This may be what some promise, but you should be very leery of anyone providing a quick fix to your goals and search engine results.

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